List of Burials

The Fayette County History site has a list of all persons current buried at the Freyburg Methodist Seminary here.

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Cemetery Rules

1. It is understood that this privilege is not transferable or assignable by any act without the consent in writing by the Cemetery/Church Trustees.

2. If for any reason the purchaser does not want or need their space or spaces, they must be sold back to the Cemetery/Church. Not sold or transferred to another individual.

3. The Cemetery/Church is not responsible for damage to tombstones, curbing, cradles, or vases due to vandalism, theft or any other natural cause.

4. All used spaces (graves) must have a lasting marker placed thereon.

5. All spaces/graves must be designated by name in the Cemetery register at the time of purchase.

6. Donations for the up-keep to the cemetery are needed and kept to the cemetery account. It is very much appreciated.

7. Headstones, VA Markers only are to be placed at graves in the new cemetery extension. No curbing or other specific designations will be allowed.

8. Surface vaults are designated specifically to cemetery section D. All spaces sold therein will be sold in numerical sequence starting at Section A.

9. Place artificial or cut flowers only at gravesites. No trees, shrubs or flowers are to be planted.

10. Any flowers that become unsightly to gravesites will be removed by the cemetery caretaker.

11. Cremation ashes can be buried in the same plot as loved one’s traditional burial.