Before 2022 cleanup

After 2022 cleanup

April 24th Decoration Day at Freyburg United Methodist Cemetery.  Service in church is at 8:30 with Pastor Jeff Muehl.


We celebrate and make beautiful the Freyburg Methodist cemetery to honor our loved ones. With the help and support of two of our neighboring property owners, trees have been cleared and trimmed away from the fence lines inside the cemetery. Originally there was a barbed wire fence around the cemetery before it became necessary to put in a chain link fence. There are no records as to when it was installed. The new section of fence was installed in 2004 from the gazebo south. In 2005, the cemetery received its designation of being a Historic Texas Cemetery.

Brothers, Ryan and Ross Hoffman from the Freyburg community who were hired for this major job said, “we hauled off 10 large trailer loads of tree limbs. These trees have literally grown into the fence, and some must be older than we can imagine.” With safety in mind using their tractor and grapple, work was done with respect and care throughout the cemetery. It’s nice to see the entire fence once again. Chad Guentert has been mowing and trimming the grass for the last seven years keeping the cemetery neat and clean.

The Freyburg Methodist Cemetery has received the pioneers of the church at Freyburg since 1880. The cemetery has been maintained by the congregation for all these years, an attribution to the honor they have regarding their deceased members. The earliest buried in the cemetery according to the tombstone inscriptions is that of a Karl A. Rabe who died 1880. Many veterans are laid to rest here including one who was killed in World War 1. Three to four generations of families are buried here. Former Pastors have the United Methodist Minister’s Medallion on their headstone to symbolize Circuit Riders from the early years before the church was established (1879) and where services were held at general stores. The oldest pastor is Rev. Friede Bohmfalk who died in 1929 and his wife in 1900 while he was Pastor here at the church. Heinrich Grusendorf’s gravestone reads in German, born in 1817 and died in 1881, is believed to have been the general contractor who built the Freyburg Church.

Enjoy a day out to visit our cemetery 4517 FM 2238 northwest of Schulenburg and see all the wildflowers on the way. Our church service is each Sunday at 8:30, handicapped accessible. For more information contact Junette at 979-743-0623. Online donations are accepted and appreciated for the upkeep of our cemetery.

List of Burials

The Fayette County History site has a list of all persons current buried at the Freyburg Methodist Seminary here.

Call Junette Rodecap at 979-217-1151 or contact us online for pricing and availability.

Cemetery Rules

1. It is understood that this privilege is not transferable or assignable by any act without the consent in writing by the Cemetery/Church Trustees.

2. If for any reason the purchaser does not want or need their space or spaces, they must be sold back to the Cemetery/Church. Not sold or transferred to another individual.

3. The Cemetery/Church is not responsible for damage to tombstones, curbing, cradles, or vases due to vandalism, theft or any other natural cause.

4. All used spaces (graves) must have a lasting marker placed thereon.

5. All spaces/graves must be designated by name in the Cemetery register at the time of purchase.

6. Donations for the up-keep to the cemetery are needed and kept to the cemetery account. It is very much appreciated.

7. Headstones, VA Markers only are to be placed at graves in the new cemetery extension. No curbing or other specific designations will be allowed.

8. Surface vaults are designated specifically to cemetery section D. All spaces sold therein will be sold in numerical sequence starting at Section A.

9. Place artificial or cut flowers only at gravesites. No trees, shrubs or flowers are to be planted.

10. Any flowers that become unsightly to gravesites will be removed by the cemetery caretaker.

11. Cremation ashes can be buried in the same plot as loved one’s traditional burial.