Bell Tower Repairs

Press release:


One hundred and forty-one years ago this church was built by many members along with the contractor, H. Griezendorf, who is buried in the Freyburg Methodist Cemetery along with many of those members of the church.

It was said back in 2003 when the church went through an extensive restoration, “God will provide, just trust in Him.” God provided. We also drew from the scripture Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find; Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Our extended church family and members of the community helped us through those times in need.

Today we are in the process of restoring the church steeple which has deteriorated through time from diseased insect rot and water damage in the bell tower. It was determined by an engineering firm that some of the structural framing of the bell tower needed to be replaced due to this damage. All foundation piers were inspected, the electricity run underground and scaffolding inspected. This would require that all of the exterior siding from the bell tower be removed and would be replaced with ½ inch CDX sheathing, house wrap and fiber cement lap siding replacing the inlayed cypress. Sheet metal outlines were custom made to fit on the backside of the arch of the shutters not to let moisture in. Special work was done to protect the glass window over the doorway. All the decorative moldings and handmade wood shutters will remain the same. The bell tower framing will also be pretreated for insect control. The exterior structure will be caulked and painted.